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[Wednesday. April 7th. 2004 5:03pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Let's start promoting this shit people. kthx.

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HOLLAR! hahaha lol. [Friday. April 2nd. 2004 3:05am]

[ mood | awake ]

name: Cindy

location: Wuakegan (wauke-Gun) Il.

addiction: photography and jolly ranchers!

describe yourself in six words: EL SEXO,the sex, le sex! (hahah)

favorite bands and why: blood brothers

the bled

the chinese stars

le tigre

bright eyes

shit thereare too many....the rest are in my info on my lj if u wanna check. (why? well cuz they fuckin rock the projects!!! enough said!)


continued application....<3Collapse )

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mhmm [Wednesday. March 31st. 2004 9:40pm]
[ mood | content ]

some pics.. i'll put more up lataaa

pull the trigger and the nightmare stopsCollapse )

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NEW-ness. [Tuesday. March 30th. 2004 10:37pm]

[ mood | amused ]


will those eyelids help?Collapse )

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[Tuesday. March 30th. 2004 11:20pm]


location: cedar grove, nj (don't ask me where it is cause you should know)

addiction: cheese

describe yourself in six words: sideburns,shoes,HOCKEYFIGHT,sICK mOSH bRO

favorite bands and why:
The Smiths-Morrissey's voice is magical
Himsa-metal. real metal
Misfits-changed my life in 10th grade ('77-'84 misfits)

favorite album ever: Misfits-Earth A.D.

favorite movies: A Clockwork Orange, Dawn of The Dead '78, Stand By Me, Taxidriver

favorite book/books: Lord of The Flies, Of Mice and Men, anything by Anton LeVay or H.P. Lovecraft

favorite line from a book: "Sucks to you!"

best lyrics from a song:
When they pull out her tongue
Pull off her face, pluck out her eyes
Well, the blood runs cold for

When it drips from the mouth
Be forewarned, be prepared
For a grizzly bloodfeast

best show you ever went to: the first time i saw The Banner and My Chemical Romance in Montclair (before anyone knew either band, there was like 8 people there)
but Himsa/Bleeding Through/Death By Stereo this friday is gonna be a million times better

what you love and/or what you hate:
love- cheese,cool shoes, girls moshing at Hardcore shows, good tattoos
hate- spiders,"girlie" girls, drug addicts, bad tattoos

inspiration: Glenn Danzig

why should we accept you: cause i fucken rule and i helped with fixing this community

title or description
title or description
title or description
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new. [Wednesday. March 31st. 2004 3:09pm]

[ mood | bored ]

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woohoo [Tuesday. March 30th. 2004 9:18pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

This rating community will be the best so start applying bitches.
much love <3<3

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